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July 17, 2013 ACTION UPDATE

Progress Monitoring Within a Multi-Level Prevention System
Lynn Fuchs has identified four critical roles progress monitoring has in establishing a successful multi-tier prevention system. She explains the function each role plays in determining the appropriate level of intervention for all students, and provides an overview of the tool and its effect on the successful implementation of the RTI process. To learn more, read Progress Monitoring Within a Multi-Level Prevention System.
Using Technology to Enhance RTI Implementation
Technology can facilitate the implementation of RTI to enhance student learning in many ways. Focusing on the importance of data collection and data-based decision making in Using Technology to Enhance RTI Implementation, Matt Burns describes the ways in which technology can be used to collect data and facilitate the successful implementation of high-quality classroom instruction, tiered instruction/intervention, ongoing student assessment and family involvement.
RTI Blog: Capitalizing on the ‘Core’ in Common Core State Standards
In her latest blog post, Dawn Miller argues that the infrastructure we have been building when implementing RtI better positions us to meet the rigor the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) set for our students. She notes the foundation created with the essential problem-solving process of RtI can be applied to discussions about curriculum, instruction, and student learning in order for students to be independent with the skills associated with career and college readiness. She then shares some thoughts for leadership and professional development related to RTI and the CCSS as a springboard to a productive conversation for you and your district or building in preparation for the school year

Ask the Experts

Please direct me to links and resources regarding the use of computers for delivering teaching programs tailored to an individual’s learning weaknesses.

Dr. Joy Zabala, Director of Technical Assistance, CAST, begins her response as follows: “There is a great deal of information and many, many, resources for learning about how technology, when combined with effective pedagogy and problem-solving, can be used effectively for students with a wide range of learning weaknesses.”

RTI Students

Response to Intervention: Helping All Students Succeed
In the podcast, Response to Intervention: Helping All Students Succeed, a wide array of stakeholders in the education realm share their perspectives on the benefits of RTI. The podcast focuses on how the successful implementation of RTI can enhance learning for all students and highlights the progress that students are making who have benefited from the successful implementation of RTI.

RtI Innovations Conference
The 16th annual RtI Innovations Conference will be held October 10 and 11, 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah. This conference provides innovative ideas in implementing Response to Intervention at the pre-service, building, district, and state levels. Alongside implementers nationwide, participants will be given tools, knowledge, and skills that will enable them to address the complexities from beginning though advanced implementation. Presentations will cover a wide variety of topics, including secondary implementation, district leadership, coaching RtI, early education and RtI, and state department leadership for RtI. Visit the RtI Innovations Conference website to register.

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