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July 12, 2011

LD News for Parents

Dear Parent,

We hope you and your family are savoring the summer break, free from the pressures of the school year. But don’t let the new school year sneak up on you, tossing you out of your hammock and into the hustle and bustle of back-to-school season!

In this issue, we’ll help you gear up for the new school year early, thoughtfully, with a relaxed perspective. Just decide what matters most to you and your child, and take some small (sandal-clad) steps toward a successful new year.

The NCLD Team

"The power to hope, to learn, to succeed."



Featured Articles
Searching for a new school for your child with LD and/or AD/HD? To find the right fit, consider these questions about your child’s needs and your family’s budget and priorities.

Today’s families have many types of schools to choose from: public (traditional, magnet, and charter), private (LD-specific or not), online schools, and more! Learn about your options so you can decide what’s best for your child with LD.


In a recent online chat, NCLD Parent Leader Marcie Lipsitt explained to parents why it's important to start now to prepare their kids, paperwork, and themselves for the new school year.


Resources Center
The college junior says that her passion for education has continued to grow. And, “the support of Anne and Allegra Ford and NCLD has motivated me to help other students reach their dreams of going to college.”

Want your teen to start the school year on an optimistic note? Share with him or her the candid, inspirational stories of some successful, real-life teens with LD. Browse our collection of more than 20 stories.

Tell us about you, your child’s needs, and how you use our website, so we can better meet your needs. Your feedback means a lot to us! Take our 5-minute survey by July 15th.

What’s the main form of communication in your family?
67.5% - We “meet and eat” over dinner several nights a week.
15% - We stay in touch through technology.
10% - We catch each other on-the-run.
7.5% - We hold regular family forums.

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