@LDorg Twitter Chat — #LDChat Transcripts

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Never Back Down!
August 21, 12:00PM EST

It’s time to erase the concept of “giving up” from our vocabularies. There are individuals with LD at the top of every professional field—LD in no way stops a person from success. In fact, the ability to overcome the daily struggles of LD often equips individuals with the necessary skills for achieving greatness.

If your child with LD wants to take Advanced Placement classes,go for it! If they strive to attend an Ivy League university, awesome! Having LD does not close the doors to academic or professional possibilities. With determination and hard work, kids with LD can (and will) succeed in school. Please join us for an inspirational Twitter LD Chat on Wednesday, August 21 at 12:00PM (EST) to discuss how to help children with LD succeed in school. This may just be your child’s first step towards success! #ldchat

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